Yangtse Biotech Consulting (YBC)

Yangtse Biotech Consulting (YBC), founded in 2010, is an internationally orientated biotech-consulting company located in Mainz/Germany with a young professional staff. YBC is targeted to serve German/Chinese/European small and middle sized companies. The professional team of Yangtse Biotech Consulting Company is well equipped by their many years’ practical experience in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry, medicine technology, food industry, and has specialized technical expertise in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. YBC will carry out China-project effectively and efficiently and always pursue the best solution. Motivation and devotion to the goals of each project as well as analytical ability, flexibility, and creativity are the key features of the working philosophy of YBC.

YBC is recognized as a consulting company for promoting communications between Germany and China that will lead to significant contributions in the biotech market. YBC specializes in the development and commercialization of the marketing and communication strategies.